In public the Pila are upstanding and outstanding Galactic citizens. They are strict but equitable patrons, and take extreme care to protect the ecospheres of their colonies. However, in private, the arch-conservative Pila are arrogant, vindictive and patronizing.

Often work in galaxy-wide bureaucratic organisations, epsecially Institute of the Library. Short and furry bipeds that from a distance might be mistaken as teddy bears. They are surpisingly strong, thanks to their home-world's high gravity (1.5 G). Their flattened snouts contain tiny, sharp teeth. Their hands have four fingers, each mutually opposable to the others. Pila look vaguely mammalian but lay eggs.

Pila food is poisonous to Humans and vice versa. Ranging from 1 to 1.5 metres tall. Adopted by the Kisa some 1.5 milllion yeras ago. At that time the pre-sapient Pila lived as vindictive warring carnivores, dwelling in a late glacial environment on planet Pila. Now clients of the Soro.

Patrons of the Pring.

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