Pachekki are generally humanoid with two arms, two legs and one head but despite that look bizarre. The Pachekki have no nose, no ears, lipless mouth, huge bulging multifaceted eyes and "Hair" of waving auditory palps. Their flesh is very pale with a blusih tinge and they are tall and slender. They are descended from omnivorous amphibians on a watery greenhouse world. They prefer low-gravity worlds with high air-pressure that is humid and hot.

Every Pachekki have organs for both female and male sex. Only one set of organs is active at a given time but they switch active sex at any time according to different environmental stimuli. At the same time they change personality. As a female a Pachekki is impulsive and generally very active and as a male lazy and lethargic. Pachekki are oviparous, eggs handled in communal hatcheries and children are raised communally.

The current Pachekki society evolve about 25 000 years ago and the culture is very communal and cooperative. It is necessary that in any given group of Pachekkis there must exist both males and femaales otherwise it won''t work. Nothing will be done. ONly females will rush around and try to do everything at once. Males will have a calming effect on them while a group a only men will do absolutely nothing but sitting around.

Pachekki society is ruled by a 15 man council of the eldest and most respected leaders. They have a standing army an a space navy. They take active part in galactic body politics and are utterly insistent on control over planets that fit their demands. Such planets are rare so the have not colonized as many planets as the An Phar or the Cidi.

Source: GURPS Aliens