Omicron Draconis

Omicron Draconis (ο Dra, ο Draconis) is a giant star in the constellation Draco located 322.93 light years from the Earth. It has a radius of 30 solar radii, and a luminosity of 269 suns. Its path in the night sky is circumpolar above the ecliptic, meaning the star never rises or sets when viewed in the night sky from certain positions in the northern hemisphere.

This is a single-lined spectroscopic binary system, but the secondary has been detected using interferometry. It is a RS Canum Venaticorum variable system with eclipses. The total amplitude of variation is only about a thousandth of a magnitude. The secondary star is similar to the sun, presumably a main sequence star, while the primary is a giant star 25 times larger than the sun and two hundred times more luminous.

In Space Opera

A mining planet in the Space: Above and Beyond Universe is located in the Omicron Draconis system in the Draconis-Korkis sector.

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