Sole remaining clients of the Fonnir. They were uplifted about seventy thousand years ago, long into their patron's old age, to be companions in the Fonnir's "passing on".

Tymbrimi have likened the uplifting of the Norruhk to the ancient, macabre terran tradition of burying live servants with their deceased masters, to provide service in the afterlife.

The proto-Norrukh were a herd-like species, with each clan formin a psionic group-mind. There still seem to be very little individuality in any single Norrukh. About the size of a Great Dane, they are covered by slick, black fur. Quaprupeds, the Norrukh have front paws with highly manipulative "tingers", but they still require robotic help to do fine work.

Have a quadrilaterally symmetrical face with four jaws and four eyes situated around the skull. Their involvement in Galactic society are severely restricted by the Fonnir.

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