The proto-Nish were originally thought to be a highly mobile tree-fungus by their Kanten and Linten discoverers... until a visiting Tymbrimi dared a Kanten scholar to attempt communication. To the surprise of everyone there resulted a resonance indicating substantial pre-sapient potential!. Thus began one of the more amicable and surpring tales of Uplift.

Innately shapeless, Nish generate pseudopods for movement and manipulation as needed. Most extend two legs, often with a balancing tail or forward prop. Nodules or pipes protrude from odd places, probably serving as sensors. Skin texture is reminiscent of a sponge. Reproduction occurs by a kind of culturing process, using bits of DNA from a partner as a starter, like the yeast in sourdough bread. Highly creative, Nish are fine artisans. But they are also solitary creatures.

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