Nauptre Reliquaria

The Nauptre are a species described in Surface Detail. They are a Level Eight society, technologically equal to The Culture. The Nauptre Reliquaria (NR) are the intelligent machines originally created by the Nauptre. The organic Nauptre are reclusive and rarely interact with other species. Instead such matters are almost exclusively handled by the Nauptre Reliquaria machines, to such a degree that outsiders perceive the NR as the actually relevant Nauptrian civilization. The NR guide and assist the GFCF (Geseptian-Fardesile Cultural Federacy).


The Nauptrians are human-sized, gliding marsupials, resembling Flying Foxes. They have long, intelligent looking faces, with large bright yellow eyes. Their bodies and the membranes of their wings are covered with folds of soft golden grey fur. Nauptrians have been seen wearing straps and pouches on their bodies, and thin metallic jewellery like caps that clasp around the head.

The machines of the Nauptre Reliquaria range from constructor ships comparable to Culture GSVs down to nanobots. Drone-like machine individuals directly interact with other species. These NR representatives each have a unique design, and they exhibit individual character traits and motivations.


Nauptrians seldom interact directly with alien cultures, confining themselves to their home environments, and instead communicating through Reliquaria. The Nauptrians live lives of selfish indolence, and civilisationally are thought to be progressing towards subliming from the 'real' universe. In contrast to the Culture, the Nauptrians advocate punishment for wrongdoing in the afterlife, and have their own virtual post-death 'Hell'. This 'pro-hell' stance has led to frosty relations with The Culture.

The NR machines occasionally refer to their organic creators as their 'feeder species'. They appear to be loyal to the original Nauptre.