Moties resemble social insects in having several different adult forms, including Masters, Engineers, Watchmakers, Mediators, and Porters - which varies considerably in size and functional aptitude, all of them distinguished from quasi-humanoid bipedal form in having asymmetrical torsos. The main distinguishing features of this assymetry is that each individual has three arms, the third being far more massive than its partners, equipped with a vice-like "gripping hand". Instead of vertebral columns, they have thre solid bones, the uppermost being an extension of the skull.

Owing to a quirk in their biology the Moties are unable to limit their population growth - a circumstance which results in periodic outbreaks of war, during which the standard spectrum of adult forms was augmented by another far more fearsome in its aspect and far more destructive in its function - berserker Warriors.

Home planet of the Moties is Mote Prime.

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