Ministry of Disturbance and Other SF

 Empire  Ministry of Disturbance and Other SF is a collection of short stories written by H. Beam Piper. The book was published in 2007. All stories take place in his Terro-Human Future History.

Included in this volume are five novelettes from the last decade of Piper's career. The title story, "Ministry of Disturbance," appeared in the December 1958 issue of "Astounding," (where Cambpell blurbed it, "Sometimes getting a job is harder than the job after you get it and sometimes getting out of a job is harder than either ").

Also included are "A Slave is a Slave", ("There has always been strong sympathy for the poor," said JWC, "meek, downtrodden slave, the kindly little man, oppressed by cruel and overbearing masters. Could it possibly have been misplaced. . . ?");

"Oomphel in the Sky", ("Since Logic derives from postulates, it never has, and never will, change a postulate. And a religious belief is a system of postulates . . . so how can a man fight a native superstition with logic? Or anything else. . . ?");

"Omnilingual" ("To translate writings, you need a key to the code — and if the last writer of Martian died forty thousand years before the first writer of Earth was born . . . how could the Martian be translated. . . ?");

Last though hardly least, "The Keeper", ("Evil men had stolen his treasure, and Raud set out with his deer rifle and his great dog Brave to catch the thieves before they could reach the Starfolk. That the men had negatron pistols meant little — Raud was the Keeper. . . .")

"A Slave is a Slave"
First appeared in ‘’Analog’’, April 1962.

"Ministry of Disturbance"
First appeared in ‘’Astounding Science Fiction’’, December 1958.

"The Keeper"
First appeared in ‘’Venture Science Fiction’’, July 1957.

First appeared in Astounding Science Fiction, February 1957.

"Oomphel in the Sky"
First appeared in Analog, November 1960.