Merchanters Luck

Merchanter's Luck Merchanter's Luck is a science fiction novel written by C. J. Cherryh. It is set in the author's Alliance-Union universe, in which humanity has split into three major power blocs: Union, the Merchanter's Alliance and Earth. In the context of the Alliance-Union universe, the book is one of Cherryh's Merchanter novels.

Merchanter's Luck was reprinted in 2008 along with Cherryh's novel Forty Thousand in Gehenna in an omnibus volume entitled Alliance Space.

It's one of the so called Merchanter novels. These science fiction novels explore the merchanter subculture: the extended families that own and operate the ships that supply goods, transportation, news and trade to the various worlds and space stations in the human Earth, Alliance and Union space.

The merchanter-oriented works include:

Merchanter's Luck (DAW Books, 1982)
Rimrunners (Warner Books, 1989)
Tripoint (Warner, 1994)
Finity's End (Warner, 1997)

All four books were nominated for the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel in their respective years of eligibility, but only Rimrunners and Finity's End were shortlisted. Cherryh's Hugo Award-winning novel Downbelow Station (DAW, 1981), is also closely related to these works, as it covers the conclusion of the Company Wars between the Earth Company Fleet and Union, and the formation of the Merchanter's Alliance itself.

The books are works of space opera, and some also have aspects of military science fiction, particularly Rimrunners.

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