Live in a total symbiosis with the Saret. Small arachnoid race with two stalked eyes, two feathery antennae and mandibled mouth. Body resemble a terrestrial beetle. Coloured pale green. Saret hang from the belly of a Memer.

Memer breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen and the Saret breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Which mean that the Memer and Saret do not need any source of breathing in space. This gives them an advantage and they are the traders of the galaxy. Seen everywhere and in every spaceport with their trading ships.

They prefer to interact with other races indirectly, through computers, radio och old fashion writing. They have been sentient 1 million years and evolved on the planet where the oxygen resources were running low. That is why the symbiotic relationship evolved. Before the Memer two other sentient races evolved an became extinct on the Memer home planet.

Memer society is a very rigid caste-system with a hereditary ruling class and all Memer work for them.

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