The Markann resemble giant bipedal spiders. They stand an average of five feet tall and weighs a little bit less than humans of the same size. Their bodeis are divied in thorax and abdomen. Eight limbs extend from the abdomen. The bottom pair serves as legs, the next pair is known as "strap hands", the third pair is the strong ordinary arms and last pair is used for fine manipulation. Totally covered with stiff, purple-black fur. The thorax contains the brain, the two pair of eyes and their mandibled mouth.

Millenia ago the Markann nearly obliterated themselves in a massive war. A few survived, none of them females. The survivors keep themselves hidden from other races (maybe with the exception of the Kaa) and now they use cloning techniques to survive as a species. A race of cruel and mad scientist they consaider themselves better than all other races. They kidnap members of other races to experiment with them. New Markann are incubated in a living host, often kidnapped individuals of other races or from subjugated races. They are descenden from arboreal carnivores. Today they have very high technological skills. Subjugated worlds are after a period depleted of resources and the Markann then move away.

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