Manta (EV)

Manta When Astrotech Space Industries went bankrupt seven years ago, their remaining inventory of Model F-37B Manta light fighters was quietly bought up by an anonymous party. The Manta, heavily used by the Confederation during the early days of the Great War, has fallen out of favour with modern combateers due to its light armament. Recently, though, a Confederate freighter captain reported being attacked by several “triangular space fighters,” suggesting that the Rebellion may be using these outdated but highly maneuverable ships to further its cause.

1 Missile Rack + 1 Missile
3 Swivel Laser Cannons

Speed: 425 AU/h
Accel: 312
Turn: 180°/sec
Shields: 20u
Charge: 0.33u/sec
Armor: -
Guns: 4 (max)
Turrets: -

Space: 5 tons
Cargo: 3 tons
Fuel: 200u (2)
Length: 8m
Mass: 9 tons
Crew: 1
Avail: (61)
Cost: 180,000 cr

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