The history of Mahendo'Sat or the Mahen species is one of pocket kingdoms, continious religious ferment, mysticism, leaders with self-proclaimed credentials rising to some purpose and vanishing in what may have been a tradition of such vanishments. They are greatly concerned with abstracts and courtesies, symbol and hidden meaning.

Modern and ancient Mahen authority rests on Person, involving dignity and charismatic appeal, and interlinkng Personage in an elaborate chain of command in which one appoints the next, but in which a higher Personage may be brought down by the malfeasance or error of an appointee.

Personages are of either of the species two genders, usually of mature age. Personages come in many ranks and levels of authority, but are all attended by a Voice, a person usually of opposite gender whose apparently self-appointed task it is to represent the Personage. The mahen government currently rests with a Personage at Iji whose serenity is untroubled.

Planets: Iji, Jinin'sai, Ajir, Urtur, Kirdu, Kita Point, Maing Tol, Idunspol, Ninan Hol, Kshshti and Mkss.

Sources: Chanur Saga,