Luxury Liner (EV)

Luxury Liner Centauri Spacelines operates its custom-built luxury liners between all of the Core Worlds. For the price of a ticket, which is literally astronomical, you get six days and nights of blissful relaxation aboard what has been called “the most decadent thing ever to leave drydock.” A gourmet chef and an eager crew are always at your disposal, and, if you're a member of the aristocracy, so are the pretty young flight attendants who see to the wealthy's “special” desires.

1 Laser Turret

Speed: 150 AU/h
Accel: 92
Turn: 30°/sec
Shields: 30u
Charge: 0.05u/sec
Armor: 20u
Guns: -
Turrets: 2 (max)

Space: 60 tons
Cargo: 30 tons
Fuel: 400u (4)
Length: 180m
Mass: 300 tons
Crew: 65
Avail: -
Cost: 1,000,000 cr

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