Look to Windward

Look to Windward Look to Windward is a science fiction novel by Scottish writer Iain M. Banks, first published in 2000. It is Banks' sixth published novel to feature The Culture.

A semi-sequel to Consider Phlebas. The Culture has interfered in the development of the Chelgrian culture with disastrous consequences. The Chelgrian civilization collapsed into a civil war which killed five billion Chelgrians. Some years later, a faction of Chelgrians plots revenge.

When the Chelgrian Ziller, a composer of great renown now living in self-imposed exile, learns that an emissary from his home world is being sent to Masaq' Orbital, he fears the worst: that the Chelgrians want him to return. A considerable debt is owed to the Chelgrians, but Ziller is an honoured guest on their world and the Culture would not force him to leave. They know that they are facing a slight diplomatic problem. However, Ziller is not the only thing on the Chelgrian emissary's mind. If his mission is successful, it will illuminate the Culture's future as well as its past.

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