Light Freighter (EV)

Light Freighter Allied Shipyards' stalwart Model AS129 light freighter has been one of the most popular cargo ships on the market for the last decade. Its speed and maneuverability aren't the best, and its survivability in combat is questionable, but it can still haul more goods than its closest rival, the CDX Argosy.

1 Laser Turret

Speed: 125 AU/h
Accel: 95
Turn: 60°/sec
Shields: 15u
Charge: 0.05u/sec
Armor: 30u
Guns: -
Turrets: 1 (max)

Space: 50 tons
Cargo: 150 tons
Fuel: 300u (3)
Length: 50m
Mass: 200 tons
Crew: 19
Avail: 1
Cost: 280,000 cr

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