Leith is the nearest moon to Qresh. It was colonized after Westerley and the least harmed in service to Company interests. As a result, it has become a haven for the Quad's middle and upper-middle class.

Families that had lost hereditary lands due to the rising oceans on Qresh traded what remained to start a new life on Leith. Some of them are distant relations of the Nine families that control the Company.

Those with the means to leave Westerley for a better life, but who lacked the essential political and hereditary pedigree as well as econonic means to secure citizenship on Qresh, have also moved to Leith to get a better life than Westerley could provide.

The most recent settlers come from Westerley in accordance with the Seventh Generation Accord, which declares that if people worked hard and without problems on Westerley, after seven generations they would be granted land on Leith.

There is also a nationalist faction, True Leithians, on the moon that believes only those born on Leith should be allowed to own land. They especially oppose immigration from Westerley.

The population of Leith is primarily made up of farmers, merchants, and import/export businesses. A lot of migrant workers from Westerley spend most of the year on Leith, but must return to Westerley before their work visas expire.

The cultural values on Leith differ from those in the rest of the Quad - peace and respectability are the status quo, with more illicit activities like sex work and drugs being totally illegal.