Kzinti (ST)

Image Felinoid race. Originally from Larry Nivens Known Space Universe they have been transfered to other Space Opera settings as well. Notably Star Trek? and the Star Trek derivation Star Fleet Universe?.

The Kzinti appeared, along with allusions to slavers and stasis boxes, in The Slaver Weapon?, an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series? written by Niven, as a proud and carnivorous species. Manny Coto?, who produced the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise?, had made plans to include the Kzinti in an episode called "Kilkenny Cats", but the series was cancelled before this could occur.

In the Star Trek Logs? written by Alan Dean Foster?, it has been hinted that the Caitians? are an offshoot race of archaic Kzinti (where both genders are intelligent) who have renounced conquest. According to a memory of Lieutenant M'Ress, secondary communications officer in the Star Trek Logs, the Catian and Kzinti languages are similar enough that M'Ress can pass as a Kzin just long enough for her to send off a distress call from a Kzin raiding ship.

The Kzinti reappear in the comic The Wristwatch Plantation?, also by Niven (and which included the Bebebebeque? from his Draco Tavern stories). Kzin appeared on a star map seen in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation?, and a triple-breasted feline stripper from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier? was referred to backstage as a "Kzinrrett". The name of the Tzenkethi?, mentioned in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, was rumored to be an almost-anagram of "Kzinti".

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