Tall powerful, hairless humanoids with elongated skulls. Ears and noses are slits and do not protrude from the heads. Vertical pupils, like a cat.

Militaristic and patriarchal society and culture and they have a fanatical committment to their warrior's code. Natural telepaths. The whole society is organsied along ,ilitary lines even industry and food production. Spartan lifestyle with few luxuries. A Kronin can only be a warrior or a slave. Slaves can be frre by attending certain schools. This pirvilege is also extenden tpo slaves from other races. So in fact, Kronin units totaly made up of other races, Humans, Irari, An Phar and even Cidi exist.

No centralised government, all society are made up of independent military units. The smaller of these units often work as mercenaries for other races, such as the Kaa. Bigger units are states in their own right.

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