Krelln On of two moons orbiting Arrakis, the other being Arvon. Also called Krlln. The largest of the two Arrakian satellites. Krelln nearly turns the same face toward Arrakis at all times.

The moon has been of limited commercial use except of titanite mining operations. It has also functioned as an observational facility for deep space surveillance.

It is composed of titanium-rich silicates in the crust and mantel. The silicate mantel, extends to a depth of 170 km. There is no apparent differentiation in composition which implies scant reheating following its formation. Seismiic studies established small, rocky core

Krelln has no atmosphere, and the landscape is stark. The only erosion occurs due to thermal stress and particle impact. A layer of meteoritic dust covers the surface of Krelln to a depth of 11 cm. Large numbers of craters dot the surface whose diameters range from 40 km to small pit-like features less than 1 mm in diameter.

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