As one of the oldest sapient races, it is obscure why the Krallnith haven't transcended or passed on with others from the same era. It is suspected that many Krallnith are hidden on fractal worlds, slowly reinventing themselves for what they consider their next stage of evolution.

Like the Luber, they are able to resist the Embrace of Tides long enough to emerge from retirement to brief visits to the star lanes of the Five Galaxies.

Having modified themselves several times over their 711 millionm year history, Krallnith are now 8-metre-tall tripods. Two eyes gaze from between each set of legs. A mass of tentacles three metres long surrounds a downward facing mouth.

Withdrawal by the Krallnith from Galactic society happened after the eradication of the Caltmour in the suppression of the "Lions". After the Tarseuh victory, at the heavy cost of the Caltmour, the Krallnith seem to have spent eons evaluating the meaning of life. Patrons to the Brma.

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