Komahd pre-sentients were fierce amphibious carnivores. While uplifting them, their Tumahd patrons had to enforce a strict police state to keep the Komahd from slaughtering each other. In spite of this they mad it to full Galactic citizenship.

Komahd life is very structured so that each individual may control his/her fierce impulses, They do not like surprises.

Tripodal centaurs, they have an alligator-like appearance. Their arms have two elbow joints each. Long fingers appear light and delicate, buta re able to crush shelled mollusks on their homeworld. Their most notable feature is a multi-hinged mouth, letting them open to almost ninety degrees. They still spend a lot of time in water. Patrons of the Mn'n.

They shoudl not be confused with another species of the same name, Komahd, clients of the Gello.

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