Kappa Reticuli

 Kappa Reticuli (Kappa Ret, κ Reticuli, κ Ret) is a binary star in the constellation Reticulum, with an apparent magnitude of +4.71. The primary component is a yellowish white F-type subgiant. It is approximately 70 light years from Earth.

The star's age is estimated to be 1.8 billion years but is certainly no less than 1.5 billion years and no greater than 2.1 billion years. The iron abundance of Kappa Reticuli is -0.1 (79.4% of the Sun). It is moving through the Galaxy at a speed of 56.4 km/s relative to the Sun. Its projected Galactic orbit carries it between 18,700 and 27,300 light years from the center of the Galaxy.

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