Uplifted by the Linten "gardeners" around 22 million years ago. The Kanten themselves are law-abiding but devious reformers. Often working in the Galactic Institutes, especially the Institute for Progress and the Institute for Uplift.

They are, together with the Jophur, among the galaxies' relatively few sapient plant species. Adult Kanten stand about 3 metres tall. Earthlings have likened them to walking bundles of broccoli. Rounded blue and green shoots form symmetrical growths around a gnarles striated trunk. SOm branches bear flakes of crystalline material. A cluster of these flakes is located arounf a breathing-hole on top of the body;Kanten communicate with chime-like sounds produced by air-blowing through this cluster. Kanten have four thick foot-legs and four flexible arm-tentacles.

Their society has developed into genuine communism where everything is pooled for the use of all. Patrons of the Nish.

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Fourth International