Judith Tarr

 Judith Tarr Judith Tarr (born 1955) is an American author, best known for her fantasy books. She received her B.A. in Latin and English from Mount Holyoke College in 1976, and has an M.A. in Classics from Cambridge University, and an M.A. and PhD in Medieval Studies from Yale University. She taught Latin at Wesleyan University from 1990–1993.

She is the author of more than twenty widely praised novels, including The Throne of Isis, White Mare's Daughter, and Queen of Swords, as well as five previous volumes in the Avaryan Chronicles: The Hall of the Mountain King, The Lady of Han-Gilen and A Fall of Princes (collected in one volume as Avaryan Rising), Arrows of the Sun, and Spear of Heaven.

At Dancing Horse Farm, her home in Vail, Arizona she breeds Lipizzan horses. The romantic fantasies that she writes feature "dancing horses" modeled on those that she raise.

CoDominium Universe

War World

Blood Feuds (1993) with S.M. Stirling and Susan Shwartz and Harry Turtledove
Blood Vengeance (1994) with Susan Shwartz and Harry Turtledove and Jerry Pournelle and S. M. Stirling

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