The Jophur are semi-communal beings composed of "sap rings", self-contained organisms with toroid-shaped bodies. The Jophur resemble stacks of donuts.

Rings live by a combination of photosynthesis and saphrophytosis (scavenging). Individually the rings have a simple animal intelligence. Joined together they are sapient individuals. The patrons Poa created many different type of rings, for moving and for other kinds of use.

Was originally Traeki but the Oailie made so called master rings, a component that melded the consensus-minded stack-colonies into driven individuals. Because of that the species changed into Jophur. Some of the original Traekis fled and took refuge on Jijo. Member in the Obeyer Alliance. Three client-species, the Sarrphor, Phasheni and Dorrvi.

Home planet is Jophekka.

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