John Terra

 John Terra is an author and game designer who wrote sourcebooks for Shatterzone RPG and Star Wars RPG, produced by West End Games.

He has been a freelance writer since 1985, and has worked in the worlds of paper and dice gaming, boxed computer games, and online games. He's also writes about non-gaming subjects such as roof maintenance, no-swipe credit cards, SEOs, and mobile payments.

Space Opera RPG Books


Grimsyn Sector, 1993
Through the Cracks, 1994, with Shane Lacy Hensley, Ronald Seiden, Ed Stark, Matt Forbeck and Greg Farshtey

Star Wars?

Planets of the Galaxy Volume Two, 1992
Planets of the Galaxy Volume Three, 1993
Twin Stars of Kira, 1993, with Greg Farshtey, Stephen Crane?, Dave Marron?, Richard Clark?, Barbara Clark?, Janelle Keberle?, Michael Horne?, Todd Quigley?, Ed Stark, Bill Smith and Stewart Warley?
Star Wars Gamemaster Handbook, 1993, with Steven H. Lorenz?, Bill Smith, Eric S. Trautmann? and Chuck Truett?
Coruscant and the Core Worlds, 2003, with Craig Robert Carey?, Chris Doyle?, Jason Fry?, Paul Sudlow? and Daniel Wallace?