Jean Lamb

Jean Lamb is a former fanfiction writer and an author who has written fanfiction based on Star Trek?, Darkover, Sherlock Holmes, The Professionals, Beauty and the Beast, and other fandoms as well as commercial short stories an novels.

Space Opera stories

Known Space

Star Trek? (fanfic)

"The Affair of the Extraordinary Afghan"--fanfic involving Sherlock Holmes and Watson with a couple of members of the ST crew. Spock and Holmes talk logic as they search for the missing Captain Kirk, while Watson and McCoy retire with the brandy snifter and talk shop.

"How to Win at Fizzbin"--a helpful compedium of hints, including How to Determine if It's Tuesday, to assist the avid gamer.

"Who Put the Tribbles in the Quadrotriticale?"--demented filk, now with a brand new verse.

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