The J'8lek descend from desert-dwelling hunter-scavengers that lived in small packs. Loose and egalitarian hierarchies. The fallow ancestors lived in burrows and caves during the day, emerging at night to stalk prey and look for carrion.

Quadrupedal centauroids with 8 limbs, four legs, two muscular "club arms" and two flexible dexterous "fiddler arms". All hands have sharp claws.

Cold-blooded and prefer warm, dry climates. Covered with a coat of soft, rich fur. Small and spherical heads wtopped with four ears.

Uplifted by the Khilp they were once a wealthy and powerful race, but a client rebellion shattered their empire, reduced them to poverty and made them an insular, jealous people. Uplifted the Heebi, Stoort, Kaschan and B'8koo. Remain on a few planets and the Szawgae Transfer Point.

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