Ix is the ninth planet in the star system Alkalurops, and the home of House Vernius and the technology-savvy Ixians. Ixian economy depends on manufacturing complex machinery, which sometimes flouts the moral-juridical proscriptions of the Butlerian Jihad. Ix is classed with Richese as "supreme in machine culture".

During the Butlerian Jihad

The star system, Alkalurops, within which Ix is located originally went by the title Rodale, with Ix being named Rodale IX due to its status as the star's ninth planet. Shortly before the Time of Titans the son of the planet's ruling family, better known as Xerxes, killed his family and took control of the world in the name of Tlaloc. It was at this time that the planet's name was shortened to Ix and the numeric relevance lost.

As with other planets in the Titan empire, Ix later became one of Omnius synchronized worlds. The Thinking Machines used the planet as a major manufacturing base, due in no small part to its natural resources. Ix was ultimately liberated by the Butlerian Jihad in 175 BG after a rebellion.

Thinking machines unsuccessfully tried to reconquer Ix in 123 BG but were repelled by forces commanded by Quentin Butler.

During the Omnius Scourge, Ix was a planet with a population much larger than the League of Nobles could ever preserve. Cuarto Abulurd Harkonnen was sent to Ix to present quarantine instructions and begin preparations for survival. Supreme Sorceress Ticia Cenva followed him in order to preserve key bloodlines from the survivors. The genetic stock of the native Ixians had not yet been heavily assimilated into the general League population.

The following years almost two-thirds of the human population was dead; the planet became a strong center of the Martyrists. Ixian crews had used heavy digging equipment to deposit bodies in empty cave shafts, until fanatics objected to even the powerful excavating apparatus. Uncontrolled riots and storms caused destruction; homes, fields and storehouses of food had burned leaving the already weakened survivors with no shelter. Cholera had gotten into the water supply. Many of those who had recovered could barely walk, crippled by the aftereffects.

During the Corrino Empire

After the Jihad, Ix retained its role as a major producer of technology, under House Vernius (House Ix). Its capital was the underground city Vernii. Most of its structure and industry was underground because of the Ixians' secrecy. This made members of the Landsraad skeptical about the Ixians; the Landsraad accused them of violating the restrictions of the Jihad. Ixians went as far as spreading out scary and sinister stories about the planet so as to drive away the curious.

Ix and House Richese competed with one another in a technological war for Guild contracts; gradually Ix won around the same time when Richese lost stewardship of Arrakis.

Ix was at this time a beautiful planet with no development on the surface. The developed part of Ix is subterranean, mainly consisting of labs and factories. The Ixians are the leader in technological production and have the monopoly on producing the starships known as heighliners. Ix's prime competitor is Richese, but Ix always maintains a healthy lead in technology. House Vernius rules the planet, but the Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX holds a grudge against Earl Dominic Vernius for two reasons: Dominic had married Elrood's former concubine, Shando Balut, and Ix's new, larger heighliners negatively impact Imperial tax revenue on cargo.

Elrood secretly grants the Tleilaxu? the right to occupy Ix by force (with the help of his Sardaukar army) and remake it into a laboratory station for Project Amal. This secret project seeks to produce a synthetic version of melange the Tleilaxu Master Ajidica calls ajidamal, or amal. The old Emperor wants to take over the spice monopoly by making sure that he has the only access to spice, thus controlling the Spacing Guild. The Tleilaxu rename Ix "Xuttuh" after their founder.

In the year 10,156 A.G., Elrood IX is assassinated by Count Hasimir Fenring. Crown Prince Shaddam, now under the name of Shaddam IV, gives Fenring the title of Imperial Spice Minister and orders him to supervise the project. Although Ajidica manages to create an artificial melange that seems to have the original's properties, it does not work properly. The test-sandtrout explode, and Fenring's test of its use on two Guild Navigators ends in catastrophe. When Duke Leto Atreides invades Xuttuh in 10,175 A.G. and reestablishes Prince Rhombur of House Vernius as the ruler of Ix, all the records of Project Amal are destroyed.

House Vernius's power is checked by that of the Technocrat Council, a quasi-executive body that eventually forces Rhombur's son, Earl Bronso, into the position of a figurehead.

Ixian Confederacy

At the time of Paul Atreides coming to power on Arrakis the planet of IX was part of the Ixian Ceonfederacy. Ita was also the leading provider of technology.

At the time of Leto Atreides II Ixians tried to manipulate Leto in many ways. Ixian ambassador Malky, who had been specially raised and trained by the Ixians to be a "tempter" became a close friend of Leto. The Ixians had intended for Malky to manipulate Leto into doubting his own purpose; the plan had ultimately failed. They later created Hwi Noree, a female designed specifically to attract, seduce, and hold influence over Leto. It is not successful. The Ixians had an embassy on Arrakis which was infiltrated by Tleilaxu Face Dancers, who kill and replace everyone there — except for Hwi — as part of an assassination attempt on Leto. The attempt fails, but Leto later allows himself to be killed by Siona Atreides, as part of his own plan for the universe; Hwi dies with him.

The Ixians had managed to keep Hwi's development a secret through the use of their new invention, the no-room (later called a no-chamber), which contains machines that hide the people within from prescience (as Guild Navigators can do). They had also created the Navigation Device which would eventually take the place of Guild Navigators and help fuel the Scattering. Combining these two technologies later results in the no-ship, a starship that can remain unseen and does not require a Navigator to fold space.

By the time of the events described in Heretics of Dune, the power of the Ixians seems at its apex with their alliance with the Fish Speakers; however, Bene Gesserit? analysts see them as a failing power, because Ixian society had become a bureaucracy and no great inventions had come out of the workshops of Ix for centuries. As the Honored Matres conquer the Old Empire, the Ixians are reduced to a barely tolerated technological combine.

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