ISSCV Family


All of these refer to roughly the same craft, the first two are often used interchangably. It is a small transport craft used to carry a variety of cargo over long distances. The ISSCV is a framework to which specialist modules are attached to create the other craft. This normally means an ISSAPC fuselage. In this configuration the craft can travel up to 27.8msk/s (roughly warp 4) or better and fly deep behind enemy lines.

The craft carries three twin turrets mounted on the Chin, Dorsal and Tail. These pulse cannon can also fire flares. Two lighter guns are carried from waist sponsons and are manually aimed. All these weapons can destroy enemy fighters. The craft is also capable of surviving significant enemy fire. To take full advantage of the craft's combat capability a crew of 9 (later 8) is required.

Main power comes from six main engines. Two are mounted on pivots at the end of stub wings, two on the tail to provide lift and two on the tail to provide thrust. Ten momentum fly wheels plus batteries, fuel cells and solar panels provide auxiluary power. As befits any such craft a long range communication system is fitted. A satellite dish provides communications when on the ground.

In ISSAPC configuration the craft can deliver roughly twenty troops, ten wounded, 50 evacuees or large amounts of supplies. However it is unlikely to carry full loads into dangerous landing zones since the craft is vunerable when on the ground. The ISSEMV carried wounded whilst the ISSTV appeared just once to drop the 58th onto an enemy planet.