The Hul, along with their patrons, the Puber, have mostly retired from active participation in Galactic affairs.

The Hul species has gone fallow and been uplifted at least twice. During the latest period of uplift, the Hul gained a reputation for dealing fairly with those few they considered equals, while aggressively promoting their own race and clan. Starting about a million years ago they have passed on more of their reponsibilities to the equally aggressive Soro.

Hul are bipedal, approx. 1.5 metres tall, with brown, leathery skin. Broad shoulders with large deltoid muscles suggest lifting/fighting was eiter an ancient primitive trait, or genengineered into them by the Puber. The hands have strong fingers with tiny cilia-like tentacles in between for detailed manipulative work. The tail, used for balance, was once a powerful weapon. They have binocular vision ranging to near ultra-violet. Sensory feeler undulate between the eyes and a ridge crest of small bony plates divides the brain case into two lobes.

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