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House Ordos

House Ordos House Ordos is a mercantile House in the Dune universe as presented in the Westwood Studios Dune video games produced from 1992 to 2001. The Ordos is based on mercenaries and hiring of others. The Ordos never bothered on making their own army, just using their wealth to build one. The Ordos do a great job in interfering in the conflict between the Atreides and the Harkonnen. They are known as "the rebellion of Dune". The House is listed in Dune Encyclopedia? (1984) by Willis E. McNelly but has never been mentioned in any of the novels.

In the series of computer games based on Dune, the goal of House Ordos is the generation of revenue to sustain the pluto-technocratic elite of their society. The Ordos are portrayed as driven by a calculated and single-minded approach: destroying anything that stands between them and the spice melange. According to the original game House Ordos originated from the amalgamation of several wealthy families into one large cartel who hire expensive but disloyal mercenaries to fight for their cause. Emperor: Battle for Dune? further explains:

House Ordos, of the iceworld Sigma Draconis IV. The Ordos are known for their use of forbidden technologies. Their leader is the Executrix, four beings that share a single mind. They communicate through a creature known only as "The Speaker." The Ordos are mercenary, they care for nothing, save power and wealth. In the language of the Ordos, there are no words for the concepts of trust or honor; there are more than 300 for the concept of profit.

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