Third planet of star Vanner in the Canaan cluster. Has three moons, Fagin, La Rogue and Sarmis. Another thrashed planet given to human, dry and windy. Colonists were voluntary exiles and outcasts from Earth and the Sol system colonies. The society rapidly declined into a tribal and uncivilized world. Inhabited by Humans, and Neo-Chimpanzees. Covered mainly by steppe. Very flat.

Also inhabited by colonists that moved to the planet later with the approval of the Terragens Council. They live in fenced enclaves. As most planets leased or run by Humans it is ruled by the Terragens Council.

Was the homeworld of the extinct Taroonixo?. They were killed off by the Fututhoon?, an aggressive warrior race that wiped out a dozen species and blasted many habitable planets in their conquest of the Central Galaxy.

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