Home orbits the star Epsilon Indi, about 12 light years from Earth. The planet received its name because of its remarkable similarity to Earth; its day is nearly 24 hours long and its surface gravity is a comfortable 1.08 g. Oceans, mean global temperature, seasons, and moon (Home's moon is called Metaluna, but is often referred to as "the Moon" by Homers) are also similar. The gas giant Godzilla is also in the system.

Found in 2094. Colonized by Humans in 2189. The original colonists had planned to call their world "Flatland" as a sort of joke, but once settled on Home. The entire population of Home is secretly destroyed in 2351 as a consequence of Brennan's and Truesdale's war with the Pak when Brennan turns the entire population into human Protectors to create an army to fight the Pak invaders. Home is resettled quickly though, since another ramjet with colonists is already on its way when the colony "fails".

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