Hal Colebatch

Hal Colebatch Hal Gibson Pateshall Colebatch (born 7 October 1945), also known as Hal G. P. Colebatch and Hal Colebatch is an Australian author, poet, lecturer, journalist, editor, and lawyer.

He is the son of the late Australian politician Sir Hal Colebatch and Marion, Lady Colebatch, a former Australian Army nursing sister who was the daughter of long-time Fremantle mayor and parliamentarian Sir Frank Gibson. He is the author of Sir Hal Colebatch's biography, Steadfast Knight (foreword by Professor Geoffrey Blainey), published by the Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

As well as Steadfast Knight, his work includes eight volumes of poetry (starting with Spectators on the Shore in 1975), a series of science-fiction stories published in the US in the series The Man-Kzin Wars, created by Larry Niven, in which he has created several original characters including Dimity Carmody, Nils Rykerman and Vaemar-Riit. He has now had 18 stories published or accepted in the series, totalling about 600,000 words. He has also had books published of political, social, legal and economic commentary.

Many of his poems concern Perth and its suburbs, the Swan River and Rottnest Island, as well as travels in Britain, Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. His poetry, which has won various prizes, is in both free-verse and highly structured forms including sonnets and sestinas.

His published prose books include Caverns of Magic (Cybereditions, 2006), a survey of caves in myth, legend and story, and of the development of speleology. As a reporter on The West Australian, Colebatch was involved in the discovery of several kilometres of extensions to Easter Cave in the south-west of Western Australia. The book has a foreword by naturalist and conservationist Harry Butler. (Many scenes in Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War and subsequent volumes are set in caves and caverns, reflecting his knowledge of the subject.) He has also recently had a volume of short stories accepted for publication by Acashic. He has also writtern a short film, "Fiddler's Green."

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