Guide to the Galaxy


Guide to the Galaxy is the second of two core books that detail the rules and setting of Dragonstar.

This book has expanded rules and setting information for running Dragonstar campaigns. The Dragonstar setting puts traditional fantasy elements into a Galaxy spanning space opera where magic coexists with starships.

Includes background information on the Dragon Empire?, profiles on the royal houses, the ISPD, the Unification Church, the Imperial Legions, paladin and blackguard orders, and dozens of other organizations and personalities.

Detailed descriptions of the Primogen system? and Outlands Station?, two ready-to-use adventure locations.

Complete introductory adventure scalable to many character levels.

Rules for gravity, vacuum, radiation, world-building, new monsters, magic items, and spellware.

Designers and writers

Greg Benage
Matt Forbeck


Andy Brase
Matt Brill
Ron Brown
Darren Calvert
Mitch Cotie
David Griffith
Dave Lynch
Socar Myles
Jim Pavelec
Philip Renne
Brian Schomburg
Chris Stevens
Tylr Walpole
Kevin Wasden

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