Feathered and winged pseudo-avians with two arms. Has big beaks and bodies covered in white down and a dramatic crest tops the head. 1,8 metres tall and stand on three-toed legs.

All Gubru start their life as neuters with only white feathers. A few lucky ones are selected by special committees to be given a liqueur that triggers development of both sexuality and gentry plumage. This plumage evokes obedience from lesser Gubru. The elected are chosen in groups of three (troika) and the groups of three also forms the different leaderships that are needed.

Gubru tend to be arrogant, manipulative and overbearing. Their self-righteousness and lust for control is tempered by the unique "troika" system of leadership. They are sworn enemies of the Terragens (Humans etc). Uplifted by the Gooksyu 1,5 million yeras ago. Patrons to Kwackoo and Okukoo.

Kauyoon is one of their colony worlds.

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