Grog Grogs are sessile sentient creatures, shaped like furry cones. They are eyeless, earless, and have a prehensile tongue. They can also control animals telepathically. Native to the planet Down. Down orbits a red sun.

Only the adult female form is sentient, the males and juveniles are non-sentient. The female becomes sessile (unmoving) when she reaches adulthood.

The female adult form is a five-foot hairy cone, four feet across at the bottom, with a bald, rounded top, and long fur the color of sand. She has a very wide, lipless mouth, and no eyes. Her hands have four slim fingers, like spreading toes on chicken feet. Her feet are dog-like; hands and feet are naked and pink. The juvenile form vaguely resembles a hairy bulldog, with no nose. Its mouth is a flat lipless slit hiding two serrated horseshoe-shaped cutting surfaces. The non-sentient male resembles the juvenile form, but is the size of a Chihuahua.

Grogs are desert dwellers. The non-sentient males and juveniles are controlled by the females, otherwise living as wild animals. Planned parenthood is easy for Grogs, who claim they want no increase in their territory. When she reaches adulthood, a female settles down on a rock. She has perfect telepathic ability and a powerful mind control ability similar to Thrintun Power. She has no need of eyes or other sensory organs, as she can experience life through the senses of animals she controls. She can implant information in the mind of a Human, which appears as a "crystalline certainty". Her ability to control animals is total; she can cause them to run and jump into her mouth to be eaten.

The Grogs are thought by some to be the descendants of the Thrintun species, after 1.5 billion years of atrophy. However, in the Thrintun it is the males who are sentient, the females non-sentient. The Grogs claim to know nothing of any existence prior to living on Down.

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