Greg Bear

Greg Bear Gregory Dale Bear (born August 20, 1951) is an American science fiction and mainstream author. His work has covered themes of galactic conflict (Forge of God books), artificial universes (The Way series), consciousness and cultural practices (Queen of Angels), and accelerated evolution (Blood Music, Darwin's Radio, and Darwin's Children). His most recent work is the Forerunner Trilogy, written in the Halo universe. Greg Bear has written 44 books in total.

Bear is often classified as a hard science fiction author, based on the scientific details in his work. Early in his career, he also published work as an artist, including illustrations for an early version of the Star Trek Concordance and covers for Galaxy and F&SF. He sold his first story, "Destroyers", to Famous Science Fiction in 1967.

Space Opera novels and short stories

Robots and Foundation Universe

  • Foundation and Chaos? (1998) (Second Foundation series: book 2)

Known Space

Halo Universe?

  • Cryptum? (2011) (Forerunner trilogy: book 1)
  • Primordium? (2012) (Forerunner trilogy: book 2)
  • Silentium? (2013) (Forerunner trilogy: book 3)

Star Trek?

  • Corona? (1984) (Star Trek: The Original Series?)

Star Wars?

  • Rogue Planet? (2000)

The Forge of God

  • The Forge of God (1987)
  • Anvil of Stars (1992)

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