Massively built humanoids. Their bodies are completely covered with sparse, wiry fur. The fur can be in nay colur found in human hair. Also bluish, blue-gray, steel, metallic etc. Their limbs end in four digits each. They have no visible nose or ears. Mouths are flat and lipless, with solid bones intead of teeth.

Gormelite are known as dangerous, untrustworthy thugs. The whole race is massively paranoid and everyone of them and every group of them think they are involved in a battle of life and death with every other being in the universe.

The race is an artificial genetical construct that have outlived their creators. The creators seem to have been resembling the gormelites, but smaller and hairless. The died out becuse of a nuclear holocaust war on their home-planet. The genetically enhanced Gormelites survived.

Most Gormelites have left their homeworld and live on other planets. Often employed as thugs, organised in gangs, but also as bodyguards. Some Gormelite warlords control worlds. When they controll a starship they tend to turn to piracy or live Vikinsg, trading and plundering. They are often used as mercenary shock-troops by humans and Kaa but never by the Kronin.

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