Get Off the Unicorn

Get OFf the Unicorn Get Off the Unicorn is a 1977 collection of short science fiction by Anne McCaffrey. Twelve of the fourteen stories were previously published in various magazines and anthologies.

The title is derived by accident from "Get of the Unicorn" in the bestial sense of offspring (get). There was "a misprint in the Ballantine roster of unfilled contracts." After inquiries about the misprinted title, editor Judy-Lynn del Rey "asked me what I could do about that theme", McCaffrey says in the introduction.


"Lady in the Tower" (1959), later expanded to become The Rowan?, Talents Universe?
"A Meeting of Minds" (1969), later incorporated into Damia?, Talents Universe
"Daughter" (1971)
"Dull Drums" (1973)
"Weather on Welladay" (1969)
"The Thorns of Barevi" (1970), became Freedom's Landing?, Catteni Universe?
"Horse From a Different Sea"
"The Great Canine Chorus" (1971)
"Finder's Keeper" (1973)
"A Proper Santa Claus" (1973)
"The Smallest Dragonboy" (1973), re-published in the collection A Gift of Dragons? (2002), Dragonriders of Pern series?, Federated Sentient Planets
"Apple" (1969), Earlier published in To Ride Pegasus? (1973, coll), Talents Universe
Honeymoon (1977), Brain and Brawn Ship series, Federated Sentient Planets