Uplifted by the Soro some 3.3 million years ago. Patrons of the Bahtwin, the Komahd and the Ym. The Soro organised Gello society along military lines. They maintain the traditions they have been thaught, which value discipline, duty, and dignity.

Tall, lithe bipeds, warm-blooded but not mammalian. They lay eggs and have no body-hair; their smooth skin is pulled tight over lean muscles and bones. The most common coloration is a mottled pattern of grey and green. Have long, muscular legs that end i sharp, cloven hooves. Their hands have sharp retractable claws and they have a cluster of short, dexterous cilia, which is used for tasks requiring fine manipulation, around their mouths. 2 to 2.5 metres tall. They have two sexes and they mate for life.

Gello have an unnerving habit of stalking things. All Gello leaders are more warlords than politicians. Cunning strategists, they are credited by the Institute for Civilized Warfare with several variations of classic troop movements.

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