A small, cool world that, during the time of Emperor Paul Atreides, was represented in the Landsraad by Lord Colus.

During the time of the Ascension of House Atreides and Paul's attempt to consolidate his rule, Colus had sided against Muad'Dib, and Atreides sent Fremen Jihadi soldiers, led by Gurney Halleck; to bring the world until his rule. Halleck had attempted to restrain the Fremen warriors, but they ransacked, burned, and pillaged the civilian structures that surrounded Colus's villa.

Gurney was able, after personally cracking the skulls of a couple of warriors, to get the Fremen? to cease fire as Colus surrendered to the musician-warrior; to which Halleck promised that the code of the Imperium would be followed. Later that night, Halleck discovered that Enno had severed Colus's head, and placed it on a spike in front of the Lord's former villa. To restore discipline, Halleck sliced Enno's head, and place Enno's head on the pointed tip; and allowed Colus to be buried properly on the planet.

A Dune Universe planet

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