The Geseptian-Fardesile Cultural Federacy, consistently referred to as the GFCF, is a society described in Surface Detail. The GFCF is a level Seven civilisation, currently mentored by the Nauptre Reliquaria, and previously by the Flekke.


The GFCF species are pan-human, though smaller and more delicate in appearance than most pan-human species. They are described as being ethereally beautiful, with silver blue or milky pinkish white skin and big heads, and large round eyes. The GFCFians wear white, wispy clothing and their heads are topped with delicate, iridiscent scales with an appearance like insect wings. They flush visibly when under any emotional duress.


The GFCF have an adversarial relationship with The Culture, covertly criticising and working against it, while overtly presenting an attitude of admiration. Temperamentally, they are portrayed as being ambitious, covetuous, and somewhat overconfident, and resentful and dismissive of those species with a higher civilizational level than them.