Fuzzy Bones

 Fuzzy Bones Fuzzy Bones by William Tuning is a science fiction novel set in the Terro Human Universe.

Decent men everywhere rejoiced in the Pendarvis Decision, which declared the species Fuzzy sapiens to be a sentient race entitled to all the rights and privileges of man. But of course that was only the beginning. Men had a long way to go before they would get over the habit of thinking of Fuzzies as adorable pets and begin to accept them as equals in the universe.

The study of Fuzzies as a species had begun immediately, and some puzzling questions emerged: Where did Fuzzies come from? What was their anthropology? Why did they seem such oddities, in many small but significant biological ways, on the planet where men found them? The answers that began to appear were startling- and potentially dangerous to the Fuzzies and to all who cared about them.