The Fonnir are an Elder species that originates on the planet of K7kakk. Politically and economically, they have been in decline for a long time. Their space fleets were sold to more ambitious races millennia ago; protection is provided by Institute-sponsored patrols. The cities of their homeworld are almost empty, and some are crumbling ruins.

There are only a few Fonnir colonies left. On some colonies, Fonnir live in a wild state, their great achievements forgotten. These poor creatures do not seem very interested in breeding, and the few offspring produced are often not sentient! (On a few occasions, devolved Fonnir have been "discovered" by hopeful patrons and proposed for adoption as new clients!).

The remaining civilized Fonnir live to meditate, practice odd mental and psionic disciplines, and discuss ontology and eschatology. Patrons of many species, all of them extinct except for the Norrukh. The extinct ones are Koaghi, Ponoh, Narg8, $yllobo9, Zemvinee and Zurinumiree and in some sources also a species named Tarseuh.

In some databases they were uplifted by the Zhosh, other sources claim they were uplifted by the B'kak9kaa. The Fonnir look a bit like earthly slots. They are six-limbed, short creatures that are witty with a quirky, devil-may-care attitude. Their recklessness extends so far as to using probability drives.

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