Fleet of Worlds

Fleet of Worlds The novel, co-written by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner?, was released in 2007. It is set shortly after the events of the short story "At the Core", and was followed by four sequels by the same authors --Juggler of Worlds in 2008, Destroyer of Worlds in 2009, Betrayer of Worlds in 2010 and Fate of Worlds in 2012. The story concerns the independence of New Terra from the Concordance?. It also is the exposition of the Gwo'th?.

The Fleet of Worlds are also the home planets of the Pierson's Puppeteer race. They consist of the actual homeworld, called "Hearth", and its agricultural worlds, arranged in a hexagonal Klemperer rosette. They moved their worlds into this formation when their home star turned into a red giant, using an inertialess, reactionless drive purchased at great price from the Outsiders. After the discovery that the core of the galaxy is exploding, the Puppeteers turned the fleet towards the Magellanic Clouds, gradually reaching a speed of 80% lightspeed. Although the Puppeteers have Faster-than-light technology they prefer to travel at safer, sub-light speeds.

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