Fleet: A Survivor's Guide

 Shatterzone "So you think you want to know everything there is about Fleet, dunsel? Not hardly. You just want to know enough to survive."

Fleet is a handbook for using the Consortium of Worlds' most deadly arm in a Shatterzone campaign. A monolith of power and a force for destruction all rolled into one gamemaster tool, Fleet is the ultimate motivating factor in any campaign in which it appears. Or not.

This supplement shows gamemasters how to use the powerful, dangerous, enigmatic Fleet without completely disrupting a normal campaign. It also illustrates how a completely normal campaign can be blown to hell ... if that's what the gamemaster is after.

A supplement for Shatterzone RPG


Edward Bolme
Daniel Scott Palter


Marshall Andrews, III
Phillip Tan

Production Staff

Stephen Crane
Miranda Horner
Tom O'Neill
Ed Stark