Federated Sentient Planets

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The Ship Who Sang
The Federated Sentient Planets is a coalition of solar systems and species, of which Pern was a colony. It fought a lengthy and brutal war with the Nathi, which they came out of successfully.

Several of Anne McCaffrey's series (and more than half her books) are set in this universe, governed by the "Federated Sentient Planets" ("Federation" or "FSP").

When it comes to Pern, it's history is connected to the Federation but McCaffrey only used it as a backdrop for storytelling and did not consider her different "worlds" to be part of the same universe.

Only a few of McCaffreys books are to be considered as space opera and that is all the books in the The Brain & Brawn ship series?. Only one of the books in this series is written by Anne McCaffrey alone. The Crystal Singer series? is directly connected to the Brain & Brawn Ship series. Other book series in the same universe is Dragonriders of Pern series?, and the Ireta series?.

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